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Product Spotlight

CG100: The Industrial Game-Changer

Transforming the landscape of the oil and gas industry, CG100 sets new benchmarks in cleaning and maintenance. It offers unparalleled solutions in enhancing oil recovery and seamlessly integrating with acid treatment processes, ensuring both efficiency and environmental safety.

Advanced Cleaning

CG100 transforms industrial cleaning by enhancing oil recovery and offering a complementary solution to acid treatments.

Simple to Switch

Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing production facilities, CG100 minimizes the need for extensive retrofitting, saving time and resources.

Certified Green, Industry Approved

Our industrial products are not just effective; they're environmentally certified. Our solutions meet rigorous standards for sustainability and safety.

Green Seal logo

Green Seal Certified

A recognition from an independent, non-profit organization that identifies eco-friendly products through rigorous, science-based programs.

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Leaping Bunny Certified

Assurance that no animal testing was used in any phase of product development, showcasing our ethical product testing practices.

Health Canada logo

Health Canada Registered

Our products have been evaluated and approved for sale in Canada. Licensed disinfectants are denoted by a DIN, indicating that the product is ready-to-use and has met stringent quality and safety standards.

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EPA Registered

Certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency indicates that the product meets federal guidelines for environmental safety and efficacy.

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